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So why listen to me?  Well - like any teacher/coach's notes you are the determining variable of whether or not you want to follow their notes or not.  But people pay me for mynotes but these are FREE! I'm currently teaching communication remotely on the college level.  But due to the pandemic I am not teaching dance or acting.  I am just starting some things virtually - but that is why I am starting this blog-1/11/21-Happy New Year

I teach or coach in a lot of disciplines-and whether I teach just the basics or professional levels depends on what the discipline is-and coaching is different than teaching, too.  So you always need to ask a teacher what their training and expertise is in determining if they meet your objectives with the lessons you want to take.  In regard to me just drop me a note or give me a call 732-731-9709.  1/12/21.  

Just remember when you are choosing a teacher that the paramount skill is that they can communicate and understand-there is no definitive teacher-it is a personal thing-do they  communicate in a way that you can understand?  Also, performing and teaching are two different professions and have different skill sets. 1/16/21.

I know it is scary partner dancers but if you really want to learn how to follow you need to learn technique and make sure that you have an instructor that emphasizes that over teaching patterns to you in class.  Focusing on the pattern which is the leader's job over technique can weaken your following skills making you anticipate when you dance and not follow. 1/20/21.

Make sure when you are choosing a partner dance teacher that they have been trained in leading and following and they teach you to lead or follow whichever you want to do when dancing.  Don't choose a teacher that is just teaching patterns.  There is a real chance you will only be able to dance with other people in your class if you do.  If you have a regular dance  partner it may not be an issue but if you want to go to socials and dance with many different people-you may not be successful.  1/26/21. 

Remember when you are in a partner class be aware of what steps are actually leadable and what steps are not and fall under choreography-also some dances in nature are more leadable like Argentine tango and less so like Salsa.  Do you have a regular partner?  Are you planning to go to social dances and dance with a variety of people?  These are just some things to consider when choosing what and when to learn a particular style of dance. Also in the more open frame dances like salsa always ask your teacher if a step is leadable and have your teacher show you how to lead it.   2/1/21. 

What is the difference between style and technique in dance?  Do you know?  Make sure that a teacher like myself that says they emphasize technique makes it clear what that means.  Also, different dances have different styles-sometimes they are independant of the technique but other times they complement and dictate the technique training.  Be sure you know what techniques and styles are a good fit for your body and your objectives when you are considering learning a type of dance.  2/8/21.